Manuel Antonio National Park is located in the province of Puntarenas. It is approximately 100 miles from the Costa Rican capital of San José and 4.25 miles from the city of Quepos, Manuel Antonio distinguishes itself because its beaches lie beside beautiful mountains. It extends over approximately 1.687 acres of land. Manuel Antonio National Park is an ecological area, which has emerged as an area that is characterized by its agriculture and increasing tourist development.

Today, the forest is very well-preserved and maintained. It is very possible that this particular wildlife area may have the highest national and international level of tourism. This could be attributed to the fact that it is a wet tropical forest with beautiful flora.

It is also a place where sloth and endangered species, such as "titi" monkeys live and breed. Manuel Antonio National Park is a wet tropical zone that protects a little of primary woods, secondary, mangler, beach's vegetation and sea lands. The more important flora species into the primary forest are: the colored guácimo, "el pilón", the "María" cedar, "el guapinol","el surá", the woodly tree in extinction danger, the milky, "el cenízaro" and the ceiba.

The mangler has been constitute by three species: colored mangle, botoncillo and mariquita. The beach's vegetation has the manzanillo, the almond, the oak and the coconut.

The fauna is mixed, the experts has found 109 mammals species and 184 of all kind of birds.


Restaurants and others

During the ride from Quepos to Manuel Antonio, it can be seen the region's commercial and turistic zone. Restaurants, souvenirs stores, casinos, night clubs and other places, that are part of this recreational environment.


Commercial Zone

Beside of Espadilla Beach, you can be delighted with all the handicrafts made by the regional people. Clothes made by hand, wood artcrafts, sandals, typical swimsuits and many many more items, can be buy in this part of the beach.


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